OEQC April 2010 Veldhoven Holland

Photo: "Sleeping in My Heart" by Margarete Heinisch

Brigham Museum Exhibition July August 2015

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Some quotes from the website regarding my pieces.

There are some reflective themes in the exhibition such as Meijer's quilt “Remember.” The quilt was adapted from a photograph she took in Berlin, Germany, of the Gedaechtnis Kirche church built in the 1890s and badly damaged during a bombing raid in 1943. At the time it was decided not to rebuild the church, but preserve what was left as a memorial.

A collection of soft sculpture dolls fashioned by Meijer completes the exhibition. She was inspired by the drawings of Sue Macartney-Snape who is called the “master of caricature.” Macartney-Snape was born in Tanzania and raised in Australia. The “invasion of the Brits” consists of “The Race Goer,” “The Old Fashioned Nanny,” “The History Don,” “The Theater Goer,” “The Animal Breeder,” “The Aging Hippy” and “The Ethnic Jewelry Designer.”

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