Contemporary Quilt Journal 2015 May

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My challenge for this year is using the photographs I took on holiday in Tunesia in portrait.

The doors were really eye catching, not only the colours but the shapes and sizes as well.


This Month May 2015 quilt.

Door in Carthage.

In a quiet residential lane I came across this white door. The decoration in black stud nails is called Hilia and is there to ward off evil spirits.

The christian symbols are the fish and the eye. The hand represents Fatima and in the bottom right hand corner is the symbol of Tanit -Goddess and Lady of Carthage.

The flower and palm tree complete this door.

Raw edge appligué, Markal® and Inktense® pencils are used for definition. machine stitched. Hot fix beads for the door symbols. Pillow case binding, hand stitched.