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Carnavale complementary piece: Mascharate

A piece worked on in combination with the same starting point by 3 more members of the Art Group By Design

Each person in the group has started with two pieces from the same design source.

This piece has been completed by the original artist, with the second piece "Mascharate" being worked on by 3 other colleagues from the group.

From the quilts themselves we can see the progression of ideas as each artist adds their own interpretation of the theme.

The result is an exciting exhibition of thought provoking quilts, which explore the theme within a broad spectrum.

I dyed a piece of white cotton pale grey, and drew the outline of the Venetian building with a sepia pen. I cut a mask away from the painted background and applied that plus 2 more masks to the left hand side. Yhe top one is Bauta, the middle one is Captain Scaramouche and the bottom one is Colombina. The painted piece was overpainted with grey paint cut in wavelike strips, and applied. Seperately I made the 2 figures in silk and applied them on to the background, which was quilted in close horizontal lines. The figures were quilted in the ditch with lots of hand embroidery and beads and buttons.

A piece made for the Art Group: By Design showing in the exhibition Lymington Arts Festival July 2016 and ICHF, at NEC Birmingham March 2017

Size: H 95 cm x W 105 cm

Private collection