Hoyl Bird

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Hoyl Bird

The inspiration for this piece came from a label on a Russian bottle of wine.

The Hoyle Bird is a Jewish legend wherein Eve, in the garden of Eden, not only offers fruit to Adam, but to all creatures. Only the Hoyle Bird refuses to accept. As a reward his life will not end by death, but is resurrected in the form of an egg.

The background is pieced in silk. The female, bird and tree in cotton are applied by machine, finished off with a lot of hand-stitching, oilpaint sticks used for definition and crystals glued on.

A piece made for the European Art Quilt Fusion Group showing in the exhibition Quilt Fest 11-13 April 2014 Moscow

Also shown in Mottisfont Open 2014 and Sitges, International Patchwork Festival 12-15 March 2015




Private collection