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Mascharate complementary piece: Carnavale

A piece worked on in combination with the same starting point by 3 more members of the Art Group By Design

Each person in the group has started with two pieces from the same design source.

This piece has been started and finished by the original artist, but was being worked on by 3 other colleagues from the group.

From the quilts themselves we can see the progression of ideas as each artist adds their own interpretation of the theme.

The result is an exciting exhibition of thought provoking quilts, which explore the theme within a broad spectrum.




Contributors comments:

1. Starter - It took me a long time to come up with somehing that was not obvious. Venetian masks were worn to hide social standing and identity. The Bauta mask is a highly significant one, quite ghostlike, covering the whole face and worn by men and women. I stencilled this mask over painted. The colours were of Venetia, blue lagoon, cream, yellow and pink houses and the reds more flamboyant during the carnaval.

2. Beverly Wood - After much thought, I decided to repeat the mask shape using a very fine white 'Lutrador®' type fabric. I was pleased that Grace's painting still showed through and gave a misty appearance. Then I added a red/orange batik strip to one side

3. Penny Bicknell - I rejected several ideas before looking at diamond patterns, and then I found this striking and soulfull design of diamonds stencilled on a face in different sizes.I used voile over cotton with shapes bonded on.

4. Lynne Seaman - I liked Grace's idea of masks at the Venice carnaval, and I decided to go with the colours that Grace had used, so I put blue strips at the bottom and worked my way up to the red of Carnival. I sewed on a strip of painted 'Lutrador®' with gold thread lying over organza with a gold pattern.

5. Grace Meijer - When I got it back it seemed almost finished. I added leaf shapes to the left side and on the right I added more of the lozenge shapes in gold and magenta, and hand couched meandering gold threads over the top. In the middle I drew 3 gondolas with a permanent marker pen. It was then quilted closely in horizontal straight lines.

A piece made for the Art Group: By Design showing in the exhibition Lymington Arts Festival July 2016 and ICHF, at NEC Birmingham March 2017

Size: H 70cm x W 49cm

Private collection