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Using a photograph I took about 12 years ago of the "Gedaechtnis Kirche" in Berlin.

The church was bombed almost to the ground and instead of rebuilding they preserved what was left.

I tried to give that feeling of crumbly walls and glimpses of what was once there, in the painting above the door.

Used most of my own dyed fabrics and some of Heide Stoll-Weber. Machine quilted and hand embroidered for details.

12 years ago in the church was an exhibition of more than life-size bronzes, I have taken the figure of Job as a quilting pattern in the black door opening. Till now we have been unable to find the name of the sculptur of the bronzes. I would have liked to accredit the maker.

I left the bottom of the quilt ragged to mirror the ragged tower on the church.

The title "REMEMBER" is not only the name of the church, but to me a reminder of the ravages of war.

Won an Special Mention in OEQC 2013 Veldhoven Holland

Size: 100 x 80 cm

Own collection