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Reverse of Quilt.

Walk in the Park was my final piece for my City and Guild part 2. The theme I have been working on over the last 2 years was "Cubism", so the design is based on Cubism. Over the summer months of 1999, I took many photographs from Hursley Park, while walking the dog. It is a beautiful park with a great range of different trees. Most are very old, it is a wonderful selection. I took photographs inside the park, from the inside the park looking out and from outside looking in. I then selected 19 photographs, which I thought would be suitable. I made drawings from the photographs and enlarged them by way of squared paper to an A3 size. By placing tracing paper over the now A3 size drawing, I traced lines and fragmented it into facets of color. This now became the master copy. Using cheap type writing paper, I traced the lines in mirror images and used it as a foundation for piecing, mostly by machine, some by hand. I have used many different fabrics, cotton, linen, silk and hand dyed cotton as long as the color was right. Once all the blocs were finished I moved them around until I was satisfied with the result. One block stood out too much and was discarded, it now lives at the back of the quilt under the big tree. Six meters of white cotton were dyed dark gray for the borders and the back. More leftovers were used for the back to make one big cedar tree. I used warm and natural cotton wadding and used safety pins to hold the layers together. Four ordnance survey maps, number 184, 185, 195 and 196, provided the quilting pattern by tracing the roads. The fine piping accentuates the jagged border and gives it the appearance of a painting.

I have tried to be as close as possible to the Cubist philosophy that: nature should be treated as cylinders, spheres and cones, by fragmenting scenes into facets of color. It has turned out as I envisaged and I can see more possibilities to be explored for other projects.


75 different green fabrics, 30 red fabrics, 22 blue fabrics, 39 yellow fabrics and 41 brown fabrics and 675 meter of quilting threads. The total hours for quilting were 300 hours and the piecing took 285 hours.

Size 170 x 170 cm

The quilt has been selected to be exhibited at Quilt 2000.

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