S0 - What's it to You?

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So - What's it to You?, complementary piece: Leaving My Name

A piece worked on in combination with the same starting point by 3 more members of the Art Group By Design

Each person in the group has started with two pieces from the same design source.

This piece has been started and finished by the original artist, but was being worked on by 3 other colleagues from the group.

From the quilts themselves we can see the progression of ideas as each artist adds their own interpretation of the theme.

The result is an exciting exhibition of thought provoking quilts, which explore the theme within a broad spectrum.

Contributors comments:

1. Starter - 'Marginal' brought thoughts of writing in the margin of old manuscripts, and my idea came from this. Travelling by train you can't fail to notice the huge amount of grafitti along the railway lines. To me, this is a form of writing in the margins of society. It is illegal, daring, highly colourful and creative. I made the letter 'A' to pass on.

2. Lyn Lambert - I bonded the A on to black fabric, cut that out and bonded it on to lime green fabric, cut it out again and bonded it all on to white fabric cit in a wave.

3. June Thorpe - Using the same technique as Lyn, I drew a smaller A and a medium-sized H. To achieve a spray effect, I used painted fabric and created texture with a roller. The arrangement of the letters followed the wave.

4. Hilary Richardson - I decided the white was not right, because the graffiti on railway lines are on grey or rust. So I removed the letters and wrapped the white fabric, sprayed with vinegar, round scaffolding poles to get rust marks, and then overdyed it in a mixture of dark and tan browns. Finally I stencilled the name tags and added joints and rivets.

5. Grace Meijer - I was thrilled when it came back to me and did not want to change anything. I gave it another lime green border and some pink paint splashes, and bonded it on the same grey fabric as I used in my individual piece.

A piece made for the Art Group: By Design showing in the exhibition Birmingham NEC ICHF March 2014 and Expo Veldhoven 2 - 4 May 2014

Size: H 98cm x W 135cm

Private collection